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Are you looking at Miss Cindy’s Neighborhood Nursery School for the first time? Are you ready to fill out the application? The staff at Miss Cindy’s understand that you are trying to find the best school for your child.

Our goal is to make your experience throughout the admission process a positive one. We hope that Miss Cindy’s Neighborhood Nursery School will be the perfect fit for your family!

Miss Cindy’s Neighborhood Nursery School admission process is explained in our Welcome Forms. Click the Welcome forms button below to download and print them. You can also find helpful answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section below. However, you may have a question we haven’t answered here. Or perhaps you would like additional materials sent to you. Please don’t hesitate to call me at 845-564-8426. I am here to help you through the admission process for your child.

Also, you may submit your information via the form on the Contact Us page. When you have completed your Welcome forms and are ready to turn them in, you can attach them to the Contact form to send to me as well. I look forward to hearing from you.


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Admission Requirements and General FAQs

Practical Matters and Logistics

What ages do you serve?

We offer classes daily for children ranging from 2 years 9 months (and toilet trained) to 5 years old.

What are your hours of operation?

Miss Cindy’s Pre-K Class is 8:15am–11:10am.
Miss Kathy’s 3 Year Old Class is 9:00am–11:30am.

Does my child need to be here all day? When can I pick up my child?

We are a half a day session so we would like your child to be here for the duration of their class, but we understand that you may need to take them early on some days. You are welcome to pick your child up early; please discuss any change in plans with your child’s teachers.

Do you run on a 12-month or 9-month calendar? Do I need to pay tuition for the entire year?

9- month calendar.
You pay tuition on the first of each month.

Does my child need to be toilet-trained?


Who can pick up my child from school?

For your child’s security and your peace of mind, you must give written permission for any individual to pick up your child. You may use the Emergency Contact and Pick-Up Authorization form, email or a written note. If you have not personally introduced us to this person, we will ask for identification.

Will my child be ready for Kindergarten?

Yes. Our way of teaching, by having the students learn how to learn, prepares them for success in Kindergarten and beyond. They will build the foundation for literacy, math, science, creative, motor and social skills they will need to do well in later schooling. The difference is that the skills are taught in the context of what is interesting to the children.
In conversations with parents, administrators and staff from the elementary schools, they all report that the children are doing quite well.

How can we pay the monthly tuition?

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. We accept cash or check. If a check is bounced, you will be required to pay by cash for the duration of the year and the bounced check fee. You can pay the tuition to the office manager at the front desk.


What kind of snacks do you serve?
Parents sign up their child for one day a month to bring in snack. We try to serve healthy snacks but whatever your child really enjoys is always fine with us!
How often do you clean the classrooms?

To decrease the spread of illnesses and germs, general housekeeping chores are part of the teachers’ daily routine and toys are sanitized often. We vacuum, sweep and mop on a daily basis. We also clean rugs/carpets when needed.

What are the ratios of children to teachers? What are the total class sizes?

The three year old class size is no more than 14 but usually 12. The ratio is 2 teachers for 14 kids. 4 year old class is no more than 17, usually 15 with 2 teachers in each class.

How often do children go on field trips?

Field trips can enhance the curriculum and a child’s learning experiences. The teachers will arrange several field trips throughout the year, guided by the appropriateness for the age, weather conditions and interests. Parents are generally asked to drive their children to the destination. There may be times where we have a school bus bring the children, in that case we will meet at a designated spot and parents will follow the bus.

Do the children nap?

Because we are a half day program the children do not take naps.

What is your policy on discipline and conflict resolution?

We believe in “positive discipline,” which focuses on good behavior rather than bad, and follow the guidelines for developmentally appropriate practices set by the National Association for the Education of Children (NAEYC). While some behaviors are typical for a specific “age and stage,” we recognize that children learn appropriate social behaviors at different rates. With that in mind, we observe and make individual behavior plans when necessary. As children get older, we encourage them to resolve conflicts on their own, building social skills and self-confidence in difficult, emotional situations.

What is your policy on computers in the classrooms?

We have a computer in both of our Pre-K classrooms. We encourage every child to use the computer for 5-10 minutes a day during free time.

Do you let the children watch television?

No, we do not let the children watch television.


When can my child start? How old do they need to be?

The Preschool is licensed for children ages 2 year 9 months–5; therefore, a child must have had his/her second birthday in order to start preschool.

What is the application process for new students?

You and your child will be required to come in for a classroom observation with their potential teachers. It is usually early morning during class time so you can see the daily routine.

How do you make your admissions decisions?

Priority on the waitlist is determined by a number of factors, including, but not limited to, whether an older sibling has been a student, sign-up date, the age of the child and the spaces available. The waitlist is ranked by sibling priority and then date of application. We do not give out a waitlist “number.” We do our best to be fair to all of our applicants and give you as much information as possible about your status.

Is there an orientation before school starts?

We offer a Parent Orientation Open House during our staff training and transition time before the start of school. This is a great opportunity for new and returning families to meet their new teachers and explore their new rooms.

What forms do we need to fill out?

Our school and the NY Department of Health require many forms to be on file before your child starts school.
• Registration Form
• Immunization and Health Record Form
• Emergency Information Form
• Tuition Contract
These forms must be updated annually and the most current versions may be found on our website.


What are the staff qualifications?

Lead teachers meet the NY licensing requirement and often exceed the necessary qualifications. All have taken formal early childhood education classes, and many hold degrees in early childhood education or a related field.

Assistant teachers also exceed basic requirements. Most of our assistant teachers are degreed. Others have early childhood education training and/or several years of experience working in an early childhood setting.

You may read more about our teachers online.

What is the hiring process for new teachers? Do you do background checks?

All of our teachers, full-time and substitute, go through an interview process with the Director and our current teaching staff. They spend time in a classroom for a working interview as well. We check references, have them fingerprinted and perform thorough background checks for all staff, including substitute teachers.

Do you have ongoing training for the staff?

We also believe that it is important for our teaching staff to be dedicated learners themselves, and we provide numerous opportunities for continuing education and professional development throughout the year, including training, conferences, mentoring classes, as well as CPR and First Aid certification.


How can families get involved?

We welcome and encourage parental involvement in a variety of ways. Our parents plan and organize special events and fundraisers and support the program and staff. We host family activities throughout the year. These events are a great opportunity to get to know other families at the Preschool and to see your child in action with their school friends.

How do you communicate with the families?

We feel that it is extremely important to be in close contact with parents in regard to your child’s day. We can talk with you during morning pick-up, or you can call during the day. Drop-off and pick-up can be rushed and busy times for children, parents and staff. Therefore, if you would like to have more than a few moments to chat, we encourage you to set up a phone conference or a personal conference time with the classroom teacher.

Communication is very important to us! No question is ever too small or too “silly” to ask. Please feel free to call with any of your questions or concerns. You are also welcome to stop by at any time to talk.

We communicate in writing in a number of ways. We have a Miss Cindy’s Neighborhood Nursery School Facebook Page, there is also a parents’ bulletin board, and we will leave notes and letters in your child’s folder.

Can we speak with a current Miss Cindy’s Nursery School Family?

A number of parents have offered to speak to incoming families or families considering our school. If you would like to be connected to one of them, please contact us.


How secure is the building?

Miss Cindy’s Neighborhood Nursery School takes security concerns very seriously. We have evacuation and emergency response systems in place to best protect the students and staff in our program. We conduct periodic fire/evacuation/security drills for the entire building. We also have alarms on every entrance and exit to the building.

If you have questions about these and other security systems in place, please contact us.

How do you handle allergies?

Please remember to alert us to any food allergies. We will offer children alternative snacks if necessary. This is one of the reasons why we do not allow children to share their food.

We post a list of children with allergies in each classroom so that all of the staff is aware of the precautions that need to be taken to protect our children.

Are peanuts allowed in school?

We are a peanut-aware school: If there is a severe peanut allergy we will not allow for peanuts to be served in snacks.