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Cold Weather – Dress Accordingly

Children having fun during an outdoor active play session at Miss Cindy's School

Please remember that each class goes outside every day and to dress your child with the weather in mind. For the winter, mittens, hats and or scarves are a must. (Please put them in their coat sleeves.) PLEASE LABEL ALL YOUR CHILD’S OUTDOOR CLOTHES.

Weather Cancellations

Snow Cancellations at Miss Cindy's Nursery School

If the weather is bad, listen to WGNY 1220, WRRV 92.7/96.9, Kicks Country 94.3, Mix 97 or 101.5 WPDH FM for weather cancellations of schools. You can call Miss Cindy’s Nursery School by 7am, there will be a message on the machine by then. You can also check our Facebook Page.